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Single HeadshotSingle HeadshotThis one was used as a retirement gift and all his fellow co-workers signed it.
Go to the products page and click on the image of the product you want. Payment is through PayPal. Describe what physical features are prominant if it isn't obvious from photo, also specify eye color, and hair color. Describe their personality briefly, i.e., shy, extroverted, calm, hyper, etc., the more info I have for your cartoon picture the better. If you don't see the product you want, don't dispair, anything can be done. i.e. a portrait of the whole family including the dog, any idea can be accomodated. Because these are all handmade pieces prices can vary depending upon what you want, i.e. a caricature of the girl on the home page has a background, but it's a much easier background than let's say you want her on a swing in the park with a handmade written descpription. Anything can be done but I'm sure you understand not everything is a formula piece, these are custom caricatures.

Once I am done with the caricature I'll send it out. Please allow 1 week for creation and up to a week for shipping, but we can eliminate the shipping charge by ordering a digital caricature. Shipping is $9.95.

The fastest and most versatile way to get your caricature is e-mail! Send me your photos, via e-mail, I'll do a digital caricature that I'll send back to you via e-mail. Once I send you the files you can print it out at home, or take it to Kinkos and print it out, you can print it out in different sizes on different surfaces as many times as you want.  Actually the digital prints look much richer in color than the fine art caricatures, the fine art caricatures are best suited for live caricature entertainment. I create the digital prints to be 11x17 at 300 dpi, you can print them out smaller if you like, on anything, as many times as you want!



The Cadillac of Caricatures

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