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Single HeadshotSingle HeadshotThis one was used as a retirement gift and all his fellow co-workers signed it.

About Me

Stevie D has been doing caricatures for over 20 years, 27,000 faces and counting. He has provided a unique form of art and entertainment for the top entertainment agencies in the Minneapolis/St Paul area, performing at parties for local companies, persons, and festivals. Stevie D has a fine arts degree from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Stevie D's classical training makes him stand out as a caricature artist, he can politely exaggerate and create the likeness of the subject with great rendering skills and attention to detail. Stevie D has a long history of portraiture excellance, since 4th grade Stevie D has been recognized publically for his portrait work, at age 15 Stevie D won a portrait contest that Norman Rockwell was affiliated with. Norman Rockwell actually displayed Stevie D's work on the Joey Bishop show on national televison. Stevie D has a comedic sense that carries over into his caricatures, his caricatures are really caricature portraits.

Stevie D has the classical training to make sure your caricature looks like your subject and the cartoon sense to make it funny and entertaining.
  Stevie D also offers cartoon illustration and portraiture.  Portraits can either be digitally manipulated photos, or hand painted.

The Cadillac of Caricatures

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